Are You Salty?

If you call someone salty these days, it means they’re irritated or angry.  But that’s not what Jesus meant when he called us to be salt and light.  This episode, we dig into what that looks like on the job and why it’s a wise way to show God’s way of doing things.  For more on a godly perspective on work, go to for three free e-books.

I’m Too Busy to Be A Disciple Maker

We have enough on our plates.  Working hard, caring for family, developing friendships, making ends meet, saving money, exercising, eating healthy, finding a spouse, cultivating our relationship with God, and a whole host of other responsibilities. On top of all that, we are supposed to make disciples? Dave Buehring tackles how we can’t look at disciple making as another item we check off on our “to do” list. And, how it’s different from mentoring and coaching.

Does God Care About My Job?

Does God care about my job? Often, we put our spiritual life in one category, and our work life in another. But the answer is YES, He does care about our work! Not only does He care, He created work. Instead of using the words “job,” “work,” “profession,” or “career,” have you thought of your work as your vocation—something tied to your calling and how God has wired you?

Finishing Well

Research shows that on average, one in three spiritual leaders from the Bible, church history, and modern Christian leaders finish well. Does that number surprise you? What does finishing well mean? We define that concept, discuss the barriers to finishing well, and some practices to keep you from finishing poorly. 

The Process of Transformation

Are you being transformed or are you stuck? So often, our interaction with God tends to be functional.  We have our list of “wants” and “needs” that we want Him to fulfill.  We also work hard at learning about Him through His word.  But notebooks full of information from Bible studies we’ve done don’t translate to a transformed life.  Knowledge doesn’t mean a lot if there isn’t application.  To be transformed into the likeness of Jesus, we need Scripture and the activity of the Holy Spirit to bring revelation.  Then, we can obey the things that have been revealed to us and we become more like Jesus.