The Character of God

Misrepresented.  Isn’t that how many of us feel?  Isn’t that how God must feel right now? Both Christians and non-Christians quote the Bible to justify their beliefs and actions.  But do we really know God? Do we take time to study His character, not just the things He did? In this episode, learn about how the image of God you carry around in your heart and mind affects the way you live your daily life.  Our reactions to what happens in life reveal what we really believe about God.

Obeying Jesus

We don’t like the word “obey.” It sounds hard, legalistic and even manipulative.  But obeying Jesus shouldn’t be difficult because of who we are putting our trust in.  Obedience isn’t really about following a list of do’s and don’ts; it’s about following what God has revealed to you to do or stop doing.  It is the key to transformation.  The Bible tells us Jesus learned obedience. Since He did, we can too. Stories of obedience in the Old Testament and New Testament show us that obedience brought transformation, both in the lives of the ones who obeyed and to the world around them.


Humility is not valued in our culture.  It’s looked upon as a sign of weakness or often manifests as a false humility.  But God values humility and it is both a fearlessly honest appraisal of yourself before Him AND it neither minimizes one’s achievements nor exaggerates one’s failures.  We unlock wisdom when we care about what God cares about.  What are some practical steps we can take to live a humble life and what do we often forget?

Fear of the Lord

One of the most misunderstood concepts in the Bible is the “fear of the Lord.” Fear is a word with a negative connotation.  We condemn anyone or anything that causes fear; we react from a place of fear; we take medications to calm fear and anxiety.  But the Bible lists promises for those who fear God.  Is there a disconnect? Isn’t God supposed to be loving? Why are we asked to practice “the fear of the Lord?”

Hearing the Voice of God

When was the last time you heard God’s voice? Is that even possible today? There are many ways He communicates with us but it’s important that we discern if what we have heard through Scripture, the Hoy Spirit’s impressions and through others is from Him. Learn about the “triple confirmation” test and how to hear the voice of God.