Waiting On God

We hate waiting. We try to avoid it as much as we can – in the mundane (standing in lines, slow internet speeds, honking the horn when a driver takes too long) and even for important things (a spouse, a job, a big decision).  But in the Bible, we are reminded over and over again about the importance of waiting on God.  If we don’t wait to hear from Him, we default to proceeding with our own plans and ideas.  The Scriptures show us to wait in oneness, in stillness and in anticipation. Have you ever taken time to do that? 

The Ways of God

In the premiere episode of Wisdom Unlocked: The Ways of God, we define the phrase “the ways of God,” a phrase and concept we see throughout the Bible.  In Psalm 103 we learn that God made His ways known to Moses, His acts to the people of Israel. David asks in Psalm 25 “Show me your ways, O LORD…” Lionshare’s Dave Buehring explains that “the ways of God” means God’s path on a matter, how God does stuff, and how He wants us to approach life.