We are well in the swing of the Christmas season.  For many, that means a daily crush of gift buying, holiday parties, Christmas cards, the end of the school semester and on and on. It’s all part of that relentless rush of life, but God intends for us to honor the Sabbath and to trust Him with our time – it’s His gift to us. We must allow God to guide us in incorporating rest into our lives intentionally. This includes seeking His presence, rejuvenating relationships, and finding mental and emotional rest. Lionshare’s founder and president Dave Buehring preached this sermon at Northway Christian Community in Pittsburgh on how God wants us to live and lead in peace, joy, and health, with a deep sense of His presence and purpose in our lives.

Books mentioned:
“Margin” by Dr. Richard Swenson
“The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry” by John Mark Comer