A Discipleship Journey Kids

A Discipleship Journey Kids is a tool designed to deliberately disciple children (ages 6-10) in the ways of God.  Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, churches, and schools can use ADJK to engage at a deeper level with kids, teaching them to love, follow and obey Jesus.

In the animated series that accompanies the manual, kids join Adie and Jay on all kinds of adventures as they learn to live as disciples of Jesus.

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The stars of our new ADJK animated video series are Adie and Jay. 12-year old Adie is the mostly wiser big sister. 8-year old Jay is her rambunctious and good-hearted younger brother. Through their sibling relationship and relatable experiences, kids will learn how to love, follow and obey Jesus in their own lives.

ADJ Kids is a companion to A Discipleship Journey, a resource that youth and adults around the world have used since 2004.

Chapter 1 – Becoming God’s Friend
Chapter 2 – Living as a Disciple of Jesus
Chapter 3 – God’s Great Gift to Us
Chapter 4 – God’s Bridge to Us
Chapter 5 – How God Speaks to Us
Chapter 6 – Practices of a Disciple
Chapter 7 – Being a Good Friend
Chapter 8 – Becoming a Spiritual Warrior
Chapter 9 – We Are the Church
Chapter 10 – On Mission with Jesus
Chapter 11 – Your Role on God’s Team
Chapter 12 – The Great Commission of Jesus

Watch Adie and Jay from the ADJ Kids Animated Series!

Download an excerpt of the ADJ Kids manual here.

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