Do you want to follow Jesus and make disciples?

A Discipleship Journey is geared for those who are hungry to grow as a disciple of Jesus as well as those who desire to become an effective and fruitful disciple maker for Jesus. It is scripturally sound, aims at real-life application and is the perfect tool for disciple making groups of all sizes.

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Do you want to teach your kids the ways of God?

A Discipleship Journey Kids is a tool designed to deliberately disciple children (ages 6-10) in the ways of God. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, schools and churches can use ADJK to engage at a deeper level with kids, teaching them to love, follow and obey Jesus.

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Lionshare’s Founder & President

Dave Buehring is a devoted disciple of Jesus who is engaged in equipping the Church, guiding leaders, and reproducing disciple makers. For more than 40 years, Dave has discipled believers who lead in their workplaces and those in ministry to live godly lives. Referencing wisdom from the Scriptures, blended with his broad experiences, he guides them to lead in the ways of God.

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