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Dave has had the privilege of speaking thousands of times in hundreds of settings both locally and globally. He often speaks at conferences and retreats, national forums and leadership summits, to vocational leaders, in churches, and at schools and universities. He has also trained workers that have served around the globe in both humanitarian aid and missional endeavors. Dave is an author whose writings have been translated into multiple languages, and his two-minute daily devotionals are enjoyed by many throughout the world.

If you are interested in having Dave speak to your team, with your leaders, or at your gathering, please reach out to Darren Bearson at Darren@Lionshare.org.


Advising group

Dave has had the opportunity to lead throughout the years on local, national and international fronts, strategically partnering with leaders and organizations throughout North American, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific. Drawing on his many life and leadership experiences, Dave enjoys walking alongside leaders of all ages, sharing wisdom he has gleaned from his leadership roles.

Dave advises leaders from various vocational fields like business, arts and entertainment, government, media, healthcare, the church, and the nonprofit sector. He is often sought out by leaders looking to develop solid character, create healthy relational cultures, and produce effectiveness in their lives and leadership.

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LifePlan Guide

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As a trained LifePlan guide, Dave draws on the Paterson Process, a decades-long proven process to guide leaders towards a unique and focused life purpose, resulting in fruitfulness personally, with your family, through your vocation and within your community. The LifePlan process begins by discovering where you are and how you got there. Next, Dave helps you sort through your desired future, rooted in your talents and what your heart cares and dreams about. Then, he guides you to create a practical action plan with doable next steps, designed to help you make your greatest impact in life. Depending on your timeframe, LifePlan with Dave can be experienced in a two-day format, over four weeks or three months.

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If you are interested in connecting with Dave and learn more about LifePlan, please reach out to Darren Bearson at Darren@Lionshare.org.