The Process of Transformation

Are you being transformed or are you stuck? So often, our interaction with God tends to be functional.  We have our list of “wants” and “needs” that we want Him to fulfill.  We also work hard at learning about Him through His word.  But notebooks full of information from Bible studies we’ve done don’t translate to a transformed life.  Knowledge doesn’t mean a lot if there isn’t application.  To be transformed into the likeness of Jesus, we need Scripture and the activity of the Holy Spirit to bring revelation.  Then, we can obey the things that have been revealed to us and we become more like Jesus.

Obeying Jesus

We don’t like the word “obey.” It sounds hard, legalistic and even manipulative.  But obeying Jesus shouldn’t be difficult because of who we are putting our trust in.  Obedience isn’t really about following a list of do’s and don’ts; it’s about following what God has revealed to you to do or stop doing.  It is the key to transformation.  The Bible tells us Jesus learned obedience. Since He did, we can too. Stories of obedience in the Old Testament and New Testament show us that obedience brought transformation, both in the lives of the ones who obeyed and to the world around them.