The Father Heart of God

The image of God you carry around in your heart and mind affects the way you live your daily life.  For too many of us, that image is flawed,  Scripture refers to God as our Father.  That can be a source of comfort if you have a good relationship with your dad.  But if you didn’t, it’s an obstacle that is hard to overcome.  Listen as we discuss how our Heavenly Father desires to “re-parent” us. 

1 Corinthians 13 Isn’t Just for Weddings

You’re familiar with 1 Corinthians 13: Love is patient, love is kind, yada, yada, yada. But often, familiarity leads us to skip or gloss over important Scriptures. In the days we are living, it is very important that we understand what love is and what it is not.

Braving the Mess

How do we practice the way of Jesus when we’re bumping into people that hard to love, and people that we disagree with? What does love require of us? The parable of the Good Samaritan teaches us to love regardless, and we do that by practicing the spiritual discipline of seeing, engaging people’s mess, and showing compassion even when it’s risky. 

Leading Yourself God’s Way

Leadership isn’t just about being confident, getting the most out of people and achieving success.  It’s about leading the way God wants us to lead.  That includes truly examining ourselves, stopping behaviors that hinder us and making choices that help us thrive. We will only lead in a godly way when we follow what the Scriptures tell us about ourselves and our image of God.

Broken But Not Destroyed

God often uses our life circumstances to bring us to the end of ourselves, leaving us completely yielded and dependent on Him.  That’s easier to accept in theory than in practice.  In the midst of the pandemic, Lionshare board member Kent Chevalier lost his brother to Covid, lost the primary way of doing his job and had to deal with bitterness and anger in his family of origin.  It all led to brokenness. None of it was taken care of by Christian platitudes and his wife had to dig deep to support him.  Hear their story and know that God is a friend to the broken. 

Christians and Profanity (What the $%&!)

Are all words relative or neutral in meaning? Does our standard of word choice always come down to intent or just what we’re personally convicted by? John 1.1-2 says that from the beginning, there was the Word and the Word was God. Ultimately, it’sGod that puts a premium on words. God has much to say about how we live our lives and that includes how we exercise the power and choice of our words. Our words matter to God and they should matter to us.