The Transformed Life Part 2 (Bonus)

Our Heavenly Father wants to reconcile you to Himself, shower you with His love and forgiveness, and welcome you into His heavenly family. But he also wants to form you to look more like His Son. God is more concerned with developing your character than He is with your comfort. He is the God of all comfort, but His priority is to transform us to look more like Jesus!

The Transformed Life Part 1 (Bonus)

Dave Buehring kicks off a 4-part series called “The Transformed Life,” diving into what it means to live a life being transformed by Jesus. It’s not just about knowledge of the Bible. If there’s no application, transformation doesn’t happen. It’s obeying what God is revealing that brings about transformation.

Seeking God on Behalf of Your Children

Most people pray for the children in our lives, but do we really seek God on their behalf? There’s a difference between bedtime prayers, prayers for safety and good outcomes vs. intentionally spending time with God to see what He wants to say to you about your kids? In this episode, we discuss how you can seek God on behalf of the children in your lives. 

Equipping Children to Advance God’s Kingdom

God has designed us with a purpose and a desire for purpose. It’s innate to the human DNA to want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Research finds that this is especially true of younger generations, and it’s something that even children long for. How do we teach and invest in children so that they can be on mission with Jesus?